Help us to tell the story of those who have lived, fought and died in conflict since 1914

IWM is a world leader in developing and communicating a deeper understanding of the causes, course and consequences of war and conflict, enabling people of all ages to reflect on how the past has shaped the world today.

In an increasingly uncertain financial environment, IWM relies on private support to maintain what is a unique, free, educational and cultural resource for the nation.

By remembering IWM in your will, you are ensuring that the important personal stories we hold live on and remain relevant and accessible for future generations.

Veterans sit with Duke of Wales at IWM London

How to include IWM in your will

Any gift we receive, no matter the size, makes a vital contribution to our ongoing work. Including a legacy gift to IWM in your will is straightforward, gifts can be a specified sum or a proportion of your residuary estate.

You can leave a legacy to IWM as a whole, specify it to one of our branches, or even to a specific area of work i.e. conservation, whichever you prefer. However, unrestricted gifts are especially important as they enable us to use your donation wherever the need is greatest.

When referencing IWM you do not need to quote a charity number as the Imperial War Museum is an exempt charity under the terms of the Charities Act 1993 Schedule 2 paragraphs (u) and (w). As such we do not have a Charity Registration Number.

This information is not intended to constitute legal advice, when making your will please do so in consultation with an independent professional adviser.

If you would like more information, or to discuss leaving a gift to IWM in your will, please contact Laura Gabe or call 020 7416 5411.


We’ve had many days out at IWM sites over the years, and, without exception, they have been
enjoyable and stimulating experiences.

Our visits have allowed us to explore wars on land, sea and air, and have taught us about how
leaders like Churchill thought and acted. They have helped us gain an insight into what our parents
and grandparents endured in both world wars, and understand how society in general deals with

When we made our wills recently, we both felt we wanted to help IWM continue its world‐leading
role in telling the stories of the past, and preserving the wonderful collections within its family of
museums. As the generations that actually experienced the world wars pass away, it feels more
important than ever that IWM finds new ways of teaching and informing future generations about

We feel that, in leaving a legacy to IWM, we are playing a part in not only helping the charity in its
future work, but also saying a ‘thank you’ for enriching our own lives over the years.

Catherine and Ian Benson

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